PPC Onboarding

Google Ads Onboarding Information

We’re looking forward to working with you and your team. Below are a few questions we have to help ensure a quick, smooth Google Ads campaign launch. Feel free to contact us if you are having any difficulties gathering the information requested below, or if you feel uncomfortable providing it for us.

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Contact Information:

Let us know how best to get ahold of you in regard to any questions that arise while launching your PPC campaign.

Contact Details: If there are different people to communicate with for different situations, please let us know. For example, Google Ads payment details vs. keyword ideas.

Website Access:

IIn order to implement conversion tracking, which is critical for campaign optimization, we need website login credentials. If login credentials cannot be provided, someone on your team will be required to implement conversion tracking for us.

Instructions and Details: Outline any special instructions, if any, needed to successfully login to the website. If the website is vulnerable to breaking, please outline details. Make mention of any other special precautions, details or other information that may help your Google Ads team to implement conversion tracking.

Google Ads Access:

If you currently have or had a Google Ads campaign, we can implement our work within that existing account. This works better than creating a new account because we can leverage historical performance data to get your campaign optimized quicker. Also, there may be conflicts that impact the new account if an account exists already. There are two methods to provide access to your existing Google Ads account. If you don't currently have an existing Google Ads account, we will create one from scratch for you and in your name. .

Alternative Google Ads Access Details: If you have an existing Ads campaign, login and find your Ads accont number. It looks like a phone number (123-456-7890) and will be at the top of the screen when logging into Google Ads. Send us that number and we can make an account access request. You can then approve the access request by visiting Google Ads settings/tools, Account Access, and then approving the access request.

Google Analytics Access:

We rely on data from Google Analytics to help with measuring the effectiveness of our work for you, to determine keyword activity and to help diagnose website performance problems. If you do not have an Analytics account already, we can create one for you. Analytics access is not required, but is very help for performance and diagnostic monitoring. Access to Analytics can be granted in one of two ways as described below. .

Alternative Analytics Access Details: Analytics access can also be granted by authorizing an independent Google Account. The above mentioned access method is preferred as Google account access can also be used to connect to your Search Console and Google My Business accounts. However, if you prefer to not provide your Google logins, then you can authorize a Google Account to access only your Analytics data. For this circumstance, please contact your account manager for the Google Account name that you can authorize access for. Additional connection instructions can be seen at

Product/Service Targeting Priorities:

We would like to understand which services and/or products you would like to target, or would like not to target. Please elaborate as it is important for us to understand what your priorities are, and what services/products you would like to focus on in the campaign. Keep the most critical products and services at the top of your list and feel free to write as much information as needed.

Keyword Targeting Priorities::

We would like to understand what search phrases (keywords) are important to you. Please provide a list of keywords that represent keywords that you feel are critical for your campaign. We will complete our own keyword discovery process, but we would like to understand your priorities and ideas. Keep the most critical keyword ideas toward the top of your list. .

Keyword Priorities and Ideas: List most-vital keywords first. Add details if needed.

Location Targeting Priorities:

Do you sell your services/products to a local community or to a national or international audience? Please elaborate (cities, States, Countries). Where can you generate business from?

Monthly Budget Target:

Let us know what monthly Google Ads budget you are comfortable starting with. Your budget can be changed (up or down) easily in the future per request. *Note: Google Ads will not hit your monthly budget perfectly and can exceed your budget by as much as 5%-10%. If your budget exceeds the demand for your services, the campaign may also fall short of your target budget.

Google Ad Schedule:

Let us know if there are times or days that you do not want your campaign running. For example, do you want ads to shut down over the weekend or late at night?

General Comments:

Additional comments that could help your Google Ads management team execute services are warmly welcomed. For example, unique selling points, special promotions, guarantees, or other instructions of interest.