Paid Facebook Ads & Social Ads Onboarding

Facebook Ads & Paid Social Media Ads Onboarding

We’re looking forward to working with you and your team. Below are a few questions we have to help ensure a quick, smooth social media campaign launch. Feel free to contact us if you are having any difficulties gathering the information requested below, or if you feel uncomfortable providing it for us. Based on your campaign, some questions may be irrelevant. For example, we do not need Facebook details if you are interested in a campaign with LinkedIn.

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Contact Information:

Let us know how best to get ahold of you in regard to any questions that arise while launching your social media campaign.

Contact Details: If there are different people to communicate with for different situations, please let us know. For example, targeting ideas vs. technical website problems. Also consider who should receive sales leads if you are engaged in a sales lead generation campaign.

Audience & Product Targeting Priorities:

The goal when building your super audience is to find the very best people to perform your desired action. The first step is to create a custom audience based off your perfect customer. Please describe to us the demographics of your perfect customer below: (i.e. gender, age, household income, location, education, marital status, sites they visit, etc.)

Technical Campaign Setup Details:

We will need technical details for your campaign including your current Facebook link, campaign objectives, monthly budget and other critical details to help setup and launch your campaign. .

General Comments:

Additional comments that could help your social media team execute services are warmly welcomed..